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Floor plans are a common way to present a real estate property. 

Unfortunately they can also be hard to understand, so sellers look for better visualization tools to promote their listings.

Buyers and tenants don't have a clear way to feel the space before physically walking into it, making their search harder and longer than it should be.

Changing the way we look at spaces

An AI-powered service that creates a VR model from a simple floor plan.

It only takes one click to convert the scanned floorplan into an immersive photorealistic VR experience, giving an instant sense of space and allowing the exploration of multiple properties in a short time.


Deep neural networks are the state-of-the-art in image recognition, object detection and semantic segmentation tasks. Our technology extracts architectural and spatial information from bitmap floorplans and rebuilds them in 3-D. The user can receive it as a 3-D model file, a complete VR experience or an annotated vector file compatible with BIM standards.


✓ Automatic - a sophisticated AI learns the floor plan and builds the 3-D representation.

✓ Instant - the whole process takes a couple of minutes.

✓ Straight to VR - on mobile or desktop headsets.

✓ Affordable - an automated solution means we save time and money.
✓ Simple - easy to use, no design skills needed.

✓ CAD/BIM - Simplifies and automates workflows for architecture pros.

✓ Web Based - no software installation, with you everywhere you go.

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