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It all sounds great, but what does the technology actually do?

Flatspace uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to turn 2-D flat (bitmap) images into fully explorable 3-D models.

Once you upload a floor plan, our state-of-the-art AI uses computer vision and deep learning to convert it into workable CAD data. We then apply apply CG and gaming techniques to give the user a full, immersive and freely explorable VR experience, viewable on any device, screen or headset.

It only takes one click to convert the scanned floor plan into an immersive photorealistic VR experience, giving an instant sense of space and allowing the exploration of multiple properties in a short time.

How can I invest in your startup?

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I've seen other companies suggesting full 3D/VR experience. What makes yours different?

Virtual tours have been around for a while. Videos, panoramic photos, interactive quicktime, and even the recent volumetric image-based models require hiring professionals, getting them to the location for at least a few hours, and then waiting for them to manually create the tour.

With Flatspace users only need to upload a simple floor plan (jpeg, bmp). Our AI does the rest, giving them a ready-to-use immersive virtual tour.

Who is it good for?

Architects, interior designers and ArchViz professionals can use it to receive a 3D CAD file.

We believe that creatives should focus on creativity, not grunt work. Flatspace helps them skip the manual re-creation (tracing) step of every visualization, saving time, money and effort, and letting them get straight to the magic they pour into every render.

Real estate agents, property management firms and online portals can get a full VR experience to show prospective clients - instantly. With a single file you get an immersive, explorable space, that can easily be linked to from every website and portal, or can be used on-premises.

The tour can be viewed even on a flat screen, giving an edge to realtors that want to get deals done faster, better and at higher rates, all while while saving up on costs

and online portals, giving house lookers a way to sense the space and make better decisions in less time.