Flatspace Beta Live
AI floor plans to 3-D service

Welcome to our open, free, and fully-automatic service.

If your'e feeling adventurous, click the button or scroll down to start.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Upload a floor plan

Upload your 2-D floor plan image. Currently only *.jpg or *.png files, please.

Wait for it... the AI is now analyzing the image and creating a 3-D interpetation.

It may take up to a minute.


When the process is done, a View button will apear. Go ahead, click it. Now you can start experiencing the virtual space. Left-click to rotate the model, Right-click to pan. Zoom in or out with the scroll wheel.

Want to go Inside?

Click the Walkthrough icon, and you'll be magically transported into the house. Exciting, isn't it? Have a look around (hold Left-click and move mouse), Tour the place ( keyboard: W,A,S,D). It's Just like your favorite video game! You can also interact with objects by clicking on them.

More Viewing Options

We added a few ways for you to get even more understanding of the space: Structure: Tear down and build up walls. Great for seeing what goes on in the next room. Furniture: Get rid of fixtures and furniture for a structure-only view. Flooring: Change the floor to show the original floor plan. Wireframe: A semi-transparent look at the polygonal structure. These options are located on the bottom icon bar.

DIffrence Between Desktop and Mobile Experiences

The desktop viewer is a game-like simulation. Try it on mobile, and you'll get a 360° experience. When you choose walkthrough mode on your mobile: move the phone around to change where you look. Touch and hold to move at the direction you're facing.